Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Attempt #2

OK, here it is... our second attempt at keeping a blog! We don't get to see all of our family as much as we'd like, so we want to provide this blog for our family and friends to follow what in the world the Short's are up to these days. With 4 kids 5 and under, we're an exciting group, so you can look forward to such riveting subjects as: home school humor, mom's newest bread recipe, updates on Anthony's school progress, CrossFit, homemaking topics, new additions to the clan, Catholic family life, and in the near future... farm life ;). We hope you find our posts enjoyable and we look forward to entertaining you. If you like, you can "follow" us with e-mail notifications so you don't miss even one adorable picture.
For our first funny story: 2 weeks ago, Anthony got to go to Home Depot with Mike (alone!), they stopped at the convenience store and went in (rare...we usually pay at the pump... actually I can not recall a time we have ever gone in). Upon entering and seeing the plethora of candy, sodas, slushies, and snacks, Anthony exclaimed "this is a great store of JOY!" Yes... to us an old germ-filled corner store, to a 5 year old... heaven! Hope to see you around!

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  1. I'm sure his eyes were about to pop out of his head! Good job with the blog, I will enjoy reading it!


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