Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Things

One of the most marvelous things about childhood is how many "firsts'" you get to experience... and so close together.  One day you can have your first time watercoloring, the next your first time baking bread, the next your first time typing... it is endless.  I think this is why children are full of such joy, such wonder. Like the other day when the kids found the first ladybug of the season and spent the next 10 minutes examining it, letting it tickle their skin, and ever-so-patiently waiting their turn to hold it... I have to remind myself the darn grocery store can wait... they will never have THIS moment again.

Well, today was a BIG first for them... today they water skied!  After watching their brave cousins Samantha and Madison ski like champs, they boys decided that today would be their day.  In their true fashion, Anthony insisted on the wetsuit (thank you for sharing Maddie... or is it Maddy now!) while Jake was okay with going in just shorts (I swear... Anthony is what is going to save Jake during their teenage years... eeek!)  With the gentle and patient instruction of their Uncle Dave, and their Dad within arms reach, they took that big brave step, another first, under the competent driving of Uncle Bubba (that'd be Michael for you non-Texan's!).  I can not tell you... nor will I bore you with, every little detail of the pride overflowing from this little mama's heart seeing my babies be so brave!

So, here they are... and here's to hoping you can take a minute to become like a child, finding wonder in something ordinary. 

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  1. I was one proud Aunt. Both boys were fearless and took on the new challenge with excitement. Good job Tony and Jake!!


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