Monday, April 18, 2011

NAS JRB Air Power Show

Because of Mike having so many classes during the week lately, he was able to flex off this past Saturday.  We took the opportunity to have a fun family day and bring the kids to the 2011 Joint Reserve Base Air Power Show.  Cool doesn't even start to explain it.  We spent the entire day out there and didn't even get to 1/2 of the military planes they had on the tar mat.  The actual show was awesome, with the grand finale being the Blue Angel's.  The boys just couldn't believe it was the REAL Blue Angel's!  So, we left with an awe of jets, a killer sunburn (thankfully only momma!), and a new goal for Anthony: to be a fighter jet pilot!

Gunner Anthony (notice the Park Ranger hat!)

Gunner Jake

Mary being sweet... as usual!

Anthony confiscated Mikes hat and he was left with the play Park Ranger hat... very, very cute!


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  1. Awesome. We didn't get to go, but did get to see the Blue Angel's while we were in Lake Worth flying overhead. They girls were excited and cheered when plane #5 went by. The #5 Blue Angel pilot went to the girls school that Friday and told them to be sure and cheer for his plane!


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