Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dad's New Do

Today, on Mother's Day, my dad surprised me by asking me to cut his hair.  Now, for those of you who haven't talked to him much, you should know this is a BIG leap of trust, him letting me close to his incision sites.  So, Dad, thanks for your trust.  Your hair looks much better... much less "Frankenstein-ish!"

Now, Dad, Mike, and my boys all have identical hair cuts... the one hair cut, besides a burr, that I know how to give (there is a big back story here... should I go on?  Yes?  Ok, here goes...).  When Mike was in the Police Academy and I was in PT school, being newly married, I'm sure you will understand that $15 a week for his hair cuts was just more than our little budget could stretch.  So, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought the cheapest clippers they had.  After watching the 1993-ish video of "How to cut hair," which featured a very outdated woman giving a fade to a little African American boy, there sat poor Mike, terrified and grimmacing in the kitchen chair, while I began a process that would end up being a MAJOR learing curve.  After several months of crooked fades and just plain ol' bad haircuts (about the time he graduated from the Academy), I found my grove and Mike finally looked presentable.  Now, several years, another purchase of better clippers, and 4 kids later, eventhough we could afford for him to go get his hair cut by a professional, we both still really enjoy that time together.  And besides, where else can you get a top-rate hair cut at 10:30 at night, sealed with a kiss ;) ?

So, coming back full circle, here I present to you Dad, with his Mike-Anthony-Jake-Look-Alike hair cut.  Thanks for your trust, Dad!

What you can't see is my huge belly, which is why I'm having to lean...

The Right side of the fade is not perfect, but I blame that on the surgical tech who
shaved his head before surgery... she should have planned better :)

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