Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short's Barber Shop- Unlicensed and dangerous!

You may remember that I am the official Short boy barber.  When Mike was in the Police Academy, and I was in school, we were, how do you say... broke.  So, I bought some clippers, watch the enclosed DVD and gave Mike his first of many bad haircuts :).  As time went on though, I got better, and by the time he was actually on the streets, I was pretty good.  Hey, a hair cut a week adds up when you are pinching pennies!  So now, since I know how to do my one style (military fade), all the boys get the same haircut (just at different lengths).  It's fun for me, and Mike likes his barber to be on call 24 hours a day (he often reminds me around 10 pm that he needs one... sigh...).  Besides, where else can you get a haircut with a kiss?

Well, since Mike is going back to work tomorrow, and he says he's a meaner officer with a fresh hair cut  (Sorry about all you drivers:)  ) , today was hair cut day.  So, Jake, Anthony, and Mike all got their hair cuts, and if I do say so myself, they all look pretty darn handsome!  Mary got a "hair cut" too- really just me making scissor sounds near her so she thinks she is getting one.  Mike likes long hair on girls, so I won't be cutting her hair for quite some time... and by the way, this also accounts for my long hair- I've been growing it our since he told me he likes it best long (after 7 years of marriage I might add!).  We'll see if this long hair survives the last 2 months of pregnancy... in the middle of the HOT part of the year...

Mike and Mary are not pictured... and no, the boys aren't mad, they're intently watching an old school GI Joe cartoon we found at the library.

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