Friday, May 6, 2011

Virtual Open House Intro.

Well, in an effort to be blatantly unashamed and self-promoting of my super-star kids, I am starting a new label called "Virtual Open House- HS," which is an on-line show-off session of some of the stuff Anthony does for his school projects (and Jake too sometimes).  Actually, it is really just a way for our extended family to see some of the extra's that you normally wouldn't get to see, since a "real" open house for his school work would require WAY to much preparation and cleaning on my part, not to mention storing all of that stuff  :).  As you all know, I SO do not look favorably on hoarding, so alot of his past projects for this year have already found their way into our recycle bin, but here are some that have survived. 

Usually these are extra's, or add-on's to our core curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  He is involved in a Kindergarten Co-Op class that focus' on science, art, and a small religion lesson, so some of the projects come from there as well.  Enjoy!

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