Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hundred's Chart- English and Latin

In an effort to make learning Anthony's numbers up to 100 into a kinesthetic activity (I mean, come on, you can only write a hundred's chart so many times!), today we put together a Hundred's chart the size of the kitchen table.  I cut index cards in 1/2 and wrote on each a number, 1-100, mixed them up and told him to sort them.  He loved this activity.  He first sorted all of the "one's", then the "ten's", etc, all the way up to the "nineties".  Then he sorted each category to put them in order- the final product was an impressive hundred's chart he felt good about.  We did this in both english and latin (roman numerals).  The english he breezed through, the latin was a little more tricky, even I had to cheat a bit to make sure I was getting the names correct :)  We'll get there though!

To store these numbers, I punched a hole in the top right of each card and secure them with a ring I got at Office Max.  This makes the cards easy to find, keep them organized, and it's easy for him to flip through when we practice.  I have done the same thing with all of his syllables we've been working on for latin reading.

You can see how proud he is after he finished his english numbers!

A close up of the english numbers all assembled

The roman numerals were a bit more challenging.. not to mention it was nearing lunch time!

A close up of the latin... makes my head spin!


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